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Tattoo removal Australia - New Zealand- Worldwide

For best results, the creams that we supply should be applied to the affected area every day. Our competitive prices mean that costs for removing tattoos and unsightly scars are far lower than you might expect. As you can see from the reviews on our site, we offer one of the best home tattoo removal solutions available and our worldwide delivery service means that whether you are in Australia, London, New York, Tokyo or Sydney, you can take advantage of the LazerCream system. Orders can be placed using our simple online shopping cart facility provided.

Daily application

The pigmentation in tattoos is gradually broken down with each application and in most cases, will have faded almost completely after 12 months. Exactly how long it takes will depend on the colours used and the size. The length of time that it will take for scar reduction also varies, as will the results, but in most cases it is possible to reduce them by 40%-80%. Of all the options available, from surgery to the application of gel and creams, we believe that our cheap and effective solution is one of the best tattoo removal on the market.



four Months

4 Months

Nine Months

9 Month

How it works

LazerCream offers people from all over the world a convenient and affordable alternative to laser surgery and one that is highly effective too. Whether you would like to reduce the visibility of scar tissue without undergoing a surgical procedure or are regretting having a tattoo in your younger days, our products could be just what you have been looking for. The length of time that it takes to work will depend on the individual but you can get a good idea of what to expect from the before and after photographs that can be found on this page.